GLORY 27 Chicago. / by Mark Fulinara

Simon Marcus enters the ring before claiming the GLORY Middleweight crown at GLORY 27 Chicago.

DA BEARS.  DA.  BEARS.  DABEARS.  Just had to get that out of the way, sparing you the long, drawn out setup.

Just got back from Chicago and boy are my arms tired.  Damn.  Sorry.  I told myself I'd spare you the jokes.  I had a grand ole time, watching the illustrious James Law and Stephanie Drews do their thing as pro combat sports photographers for the absolute best kickboxing organization in the world, GLORY.

This time around, I shot more of the behind the scenes action in and around the fighter entrance ramp.  It was great watching the fighters transform from slightly nervous people while warming up backstage into shiny rooster showmen as they walked into the arena under the bright lights.

The fights were amazing, the fight teams were delightful, and the entire GLORY staff really makes you feel at home... even if it is a traveling circus of sorts.

I've learned a lot, observing photographers with so much talent and experience.  From the actual shooting of pictures to the interactions with the fighters and clients.  Crazy how I've somehow managed to graduate from taking super boring photos of fire hydrants and garbage to occasionally getting full access to shoot my favorite kickboxing organization.  I feel like I've snuck into a party, raided the open bar, and somehow got invited back for the next one.  Though worry not, fans of boring photography, I will still continue to take photos of clouds, trash cans, and other boring items of urban mythology.