Half Life. / by Mark Fulinara

Since I am not decaying nuclear waste, I don't think I'm using the term 'half-life' correctly.  But I had a crazy realization last night:  17 years ago, the first incarnation of Beta Lion played its first show.  I've been in this band for half of my life.  Crazy pants!

A friend recently asked me if I ever get down about the fact that we never hit it big, my reply, "How could I be sad?  I've had some of the best times of my life because of the band."

So here, all in one place for the first time ever, are links to all of our music available on teh internets.  I'm sure we're missing a lot of tracks, but this is the most complete representation of our body of work, starting from when we were young pop-punkers through to now that we're...old post-pop-punkers?

Part Of The Problem (P.O.P.) - era, 1999-2007:

Beta Lion - "I Believe In Beta Lion" Demo (songs written 2007-2012, released 2012):

Beta Lion - "Hey" B-Side to Tonight At Whisperz Single (2012):

Beta Lion - "Written In Sand EP" (Songs written 2005-2014, released 2014):

Beta Lion - "Dynasty" Single from unreleased album (2015-present, released 2016):

Fun times were had by all.  There was dancing.  Merriment!  Mark sat back and smiled.