Did you see Vega taking pictures of the CXF MMA show? / by Mark Fulinara

Haven't posted in a minute.  Sorry.  I've been busy being the last of the international playboys.  That's a lie.  I've been busy eating donuts, drinking beer, and traveling to non-exotic locales for work.

BUT I did very recently get to shoot the latest CXF MMA show where I got to perch above the cage for the very first time.  Scary stuff.  I forget that since I grew up not skateboarding or generally doing anything remotely rebellious, I never acquired that so very important skill of climbing fences.  It doesn't come up often, but like a person who never learned to dance, the embarrassment shows only on special occasions.  Luckily, I very slowly climbed my way up to my crow's nest and was able to nervously snap away.

This time around, I purposely tried to underexpose everything, trying to get a mood of some sort.  Not sure how successful I was at that, but comparing my pictures to ones taken by other photographers that were there that night mine are definitely... darker?

The night of fights were great though.  I'm always conflicted while shooting fights, the photographer side of my brain trying to be in the zone in anticipation of the movements, the fight fan in me just wanting to rip off my shirt to reveal "JUST BLEED" written on my chest in green ink.  I guess there was also the nervous kid in me, just trying not to fall off the cage like a dumbass.

Chase Gibson hits a jumping spinning roundhouse to finish the fight.

Chase Gibson hits a jumping spinning roundhouse to finish the fight.